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Cold Spring Environmental offers a wide range of 21E Assessment Services, depending on the level of environmental risk of the property. Each assessment is customized to meet the needs of bankers, developers, and property owners or buyers in understanding the extent of liability that exists on the property. The broad range of services that we provide are designed to minimize the expense of investigation and include:

BASELINE ELECTRONIC DATA REPORT INTERPRETATION: Customized Professional Interpretation for Banks and Attorneys
LEVEL I: HISTORICAL SITE ASSESSMENTS for sites where overall environmental site risk is low and soil or groudwater testing is not warranted.
LEVEL II: LIMITED SITE ASSESSMENTS for sites that include some degree of soil or groundwater sampling where some environmental risk is observed from the usage, storage, or spillage of petroleum or chemicals.
LEVEL III: COMPLETE ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS for sites of moderate to high environmental risk where a history of on-site chemical or petroleum usage and storage in significant quantities makes the traditional approach of soil and groundwater testing warranted.

Cold Spring Environmental Consultants, Inc. uses insured and licensed drillers and laboratory support and provides those services in an affordable and timely fashion. Our consulting services are distinguished from other environmental professionals by our direct, one-on-one approach to client communication. At Cold Spring, you work with only experienced and principal staff to insure proper site management and cost containment.