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Cold Spring Environmental provides a complete range of hydrogeological assessment capabilities. Cold Spring will perform site inspections, records research reviews, and interpretation of existing published geologic data. This preliminary task often provides significant data to minimize or even eliminate the need for costly on site digging, drilling, and sampling.

Comprehensive hydrologic investigations of single or layered aquifer conditions are available with complete contracting of licensed drilling services. Cold Spring will perform on site test borings, monitoring well construction, recovery well construction, as well as flow analysis using state of the art empirical analytical modeling techniques.

Hydrogeological impact assessments are available. Aquifer parameters such as permeability, porosity, grain size distribution, safe yeild and aquifer transmissibility can be estimated or determined in-situ. The impace of development projects on groundwater quality and quantity can also be determined.

Investigations include, where necessary, the application of geophysical instruments including ferromagnetic, magnetometer, conductivity, and siesmic surveys.

Water supply licensing and full laboratory sampling and interpretation is also available.